Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3

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Early Palaeozoic palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology of stylophoran echinoderms. Li, X. Palaios 14 , Liljedahl, L. Silurian nuculoid and modiomorphid bivalves from Sweden. Fossils and Strata 33 1 , Systema naturae per regna tria naturae, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis. Editio decima, reformata. Laurentii Salvii, Holmiae. Lipold, M. Maillieux, E. Trocholites Conrad, Nautiloidea, Tarphycerida in the Middle Ordovician of the Prague Basin and its palaeobiogeographical significance.

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McAlester, A. Systematics, affinities and life habits of Babinka , a transitional Ordovician lucinoid bivalve. Palaeontology 8 2 , Type species of Paleozoic nuculoid bivalve genera.

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The Molluscs (Phylum Mollusca)

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Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3

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Paleontological Journal 5 , Probable ancestral type of actinodont hinge in the Ordovician bivalve Pseudocyrtodonta Pfab, Bulletin of Geosciences 87 2 , Taylor, J. Functional anatomy, chemosymbiosis and evolution of the Lucinidae. Skip to main content.

Advertisement Hide. Authors Authors and affiliations V. Bogatov L. Article First Online: 26 February This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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Banarescu, P. Google Scholar. Bogan, A.

Mollusca - Gastropods-Bivalves-Cephlapods -

CrossRef Google Scholar. North Am. Bogatov, V. Nauk, Ser. Clewing, C. Dang, N. Falkner, G.

Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3 Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3
Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3 Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3
Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3 Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3
Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3 Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3
Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3 Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3
Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3 Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3
Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3 Mollusca 6: Bivalvia, Volume 3

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