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How Do I Know If My Room Has Good Acoustics?

Which is why the first step in setting up your acoustic treatment is to mount a bass trap at each of the tridhedral corners. Whenever two opposing walls are parallel to each other….

However, if you do use them… even better. In which case, the standard locations to put them are:. The strategies we just covered are what you would typically use for a live room , to get a nice sound from virtually anywhere in the room. Specific acoustic treatment strategies exist, which I reveal in this post :.

5 Things You Need to Know about Room Acoustics — Pro Audio Files

By positioning the mic as close to the instrument as you can without ruining the tone …. Because really , any type of soft porous material such as pillows , blankets , couches , or even clothes , can offer similar absorption. Which is why the most popular DIY method of recording vocals is to prop an old mattress against your wall so its directly behind the singers back as he performs. And to do that:. If commercial acoustic foam is currently beyond your budget….

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By using your reflection filter in combination with the previous 4 techniques we covered, your recordings will sound x better than they otherwise would in a completely bare room. To see which ones I recommend, check out this post :. Starting with… 1. Moments later, some of those reflections reach the microphone by chance. Normally, those reflections get recorded… But with acoustic absorption , all that remains is the direct sound from the instrument to the microphone…which is exactly what we want.

But most likely, the sound you hear will be somewhere in-between.


Now… The closer it is to 1 , the more absorption you will need to make the room sound as dry as possible. The closer it is to 2 , the less acoustic treatment you will need in general, although virtually any room will still benefit from a little. Bass Traps The first and most important element of acoustic treatment to add to your room is bass traps. If you can only afford 1 thing now, get these. In an overly live space, the echo that follows the handclap will be fairly loud and quite distinct from the original clap itself.

Improve Your Sound By Understanding Room Acoustics

Overly live room acoustics will impart that twangy coloration to the original music, making it sound blurred and ill-defined. Totally muffled and closed in. See figure 2. Without going into all kinds of arcane detail about the nature of sound propagation in rooms, like delay times as measured in milliseconds, the inverse square law, absorption coefficient vs.


There are two kinds of sound:. Direct sound, which is the sound that reaches your ears directly from the sound source itself. We use direct sound to gauge direction and general tonal quality. Reflected indirect sound.

How To Acoustically Treat A Room - Studio Hacks - Universal Acoustics

This is the sound that bounces off the walls, floor and the ceiling before reaching your ears. Recording venues have all kinds of special additional considerations, which are well beyond the scope of this modest article.

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For the rest of us, we should try to create an acoustic environment with a good balance of reflective and absorptive surfaces. Throw an area rug down on a hardwood floor or hang a tapestry on the wall to ameliorate overly live conditions.

See figure 3. See figure 4. Here is a very informative 3-minute video about how sound works in rooms—direct and reflected sound. See figure 5.

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